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Welded joints of stainless steels produce a heavy tightly adherent oxide film, usually referred to as Welding Scale.

The removal of this scale is known as PICKLING. Where as PASSIVATION is a process on Stainless Steel by virtue of which, a passive film is formed on it when it comes in contact with atmospheric air. This film, stabilized by chromium, is considered to be continuous, non porous, insoluble and self-healing.

Application of WSR-300 on weld joints of Stainless Steels has following advantages.

Removal of oxide scales from welded joints (performs PICKLING)
Formation of passive layer on SS (performs PASSIVATION)
Removal of iron particles from weld surface (PASSIVATION requirement)
Remove slag properly from weld joint. (Slag Prevents quality of pickling and passivation)

Degrease and clean weld joint by suitable solvent to remove dirt, dust, grease, oil, crayon marking and other contaminants. (For best results, use our solvent cleaner SOLVE 1)

Ensure that the joint is at room temperature. Use bristle brush and gently apply the WSR-300 solution so that the solution reaches even the cavities on the joint. Apply such that the heat tinted zone on one inch, either side of the joint is also covered. (Even apply two/three coats of this solution where welding discoloration is high)

Let the solution react with metal for 2/3 minutes. Do not expose joint to sunlight. (Excess reaction time will have no adverse effect on the joint)

Thoroughly rinse the joint with the water fill till the solution is removed. Any visible seale can be removed with SS wire brush.

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