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SteelMATT is a product of extensive research and development by ATS to stop contamination & corrosion on Stainless Steel (SS) at the same time to give superior MAT texture and aesthetically superior appearance on SS. It's the revolutionize innovation to change the surface area of SS for strong, better and long serving.

The Unique Properties of SteelMATT


Austenitic grades stainless steel (SS) like 304, 304L, 316, 316L are generally finished to either a mill finish or a lustrous finish by buffing the SS surface in a buffing machine or a long, tedious and hazardous method of processing in several acid tanks . These kind of finishes have some inherent drawbacks like appearance of thumb impressions, pit corrosion, inter granular corrosion, heat discoloration and poor aesthetic.

The materials are fabricated , welded , brazed , in order to give final shape to the product. During fabrication the materials develop several metallurgical changes which may be responsible for contamination of the final product. The source of such contamination in the final product is due to:
The process of developing an matt finish like appearance on SS is simple and involves degreasing, water rinsing, chemical treatment with SteelMATT and subsequently again water rinsing. The process is carried out at room temperature and the investment cost involved for developing a matt finish is bare minimum.

It is therefore absolutely essential to ensure pickling passivation of SS plants and equipments. Otherwise contamination will come in contact with the media and ultimately result in the contamination of product.

ASTM A 380 calls for cleaning and descaling of SS parts and equipments and vessels/tanks & ASTM A 967 calls for Passivation of Stainless Steel for the following purposes :
The presence of the above contaminants on SS equipments may adversely affect the metallurgical or sanitary condition or stability of a surface, or contaminate a process fluid.

SteelMATT is a unique chemical formulation based on code `C' of ASTM A 380-94 and ASTM 967 standards and has been successfully tested.

SteelMATT performs pickling and passivation simultaneously. User can avoid additional passivation related time, infrastructure and costs. Hence economical.

CAPACITY: Typically, 1 Liter of SteelMATT solution will methodically treat about 3-4 Sq Meters equivalent of surface area.
The product is available in ready to use formulation for application on chemical equipment by any of the following methods :
The solution should be used at room temperature.

The process calls for the following sequence
On satisfactory completion of pickling and passivation process the plant will have the following advantages:
The ASTM 380 calls for several chemistry for pickling and passivation.. It is very easy to use and no damage if hand is deeped into it. But we recommend the operator to ware gloves when using. The chemical when fresh has pH of 1.90 and the same is to be discarded at pH 5.5 neutralize with water or lime slurry.

The operators must ware Rubber gloves, Eye glasses and Avoid skin connection.
We undertake a turnkey job of Pickling-cum-Passivation of SS equipments - vessels / tanks / heat exchangers / reactors / Pipelines / Machines etc. at your site.

The solution is also available in 20/35/50/200 liters HDPE containers.
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