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Solve1 Degreasing Compound
SOLVE 1 - Product information
This makes, Our invention-SOLVE 1, India's first cleaning solvent formulation, that revolutionizes the cleaning efficiency of precision component of any machine. SOLVE 1 also meets rigid international standards for re-establishing and retaining surface qualities of ferrous and non-ferrous group of materials.
Unique Properties / Advantages of SOLVE 1
Technical Information
Standard of Manufacturing
Solve 1 is manufactured with American know how and meets demands made by ASTM 38736.
Test standards
Passes the following Corrosion Potential Test with Ferrous and Non Ferrous metals as substrates

ASTM F 483 : Immersion Corrosion
ASTM F 1110 : Sandwich Corrosion
ASTM F 119 : Hydrogen Embrittlement
ASTM G 38 : Stress Corrosion
Volatile Organic Compounds
ASTM D 3960
Passes clean air requirements 0.0001%
Dry Residue
Evaporation without leaving residue on the surface
Technical Specifications
Vapour Pressure : 6 K Pa (45 mm Hg)
Flash Point : 38°C ASTM D 1296
Odor : Mild sweet ASTM D 1296
Minimum Assay : 99.9% FCC C Compound
Water Content : Not Traceable ASTM D 1364
Refractive index at 20°C : 1.497 ASTM D 1218.
Applications of Solve 1
Machine Spindles, Bearings, Mechanical Shaft Seals, Bearing housings, Journals, Gear Boxes, Gears, Cams, Shafts, Couplings, Clutches, Levers, Sub assemblies, Precision Instruments and General mechanical Components, Any assembled part of machine.
Mechanical Components of Vane pumps, Motors, Piston pumps, Torque motors, Pressure control valves, Directional control valves, Flow control valves, Check Valves.
Electronic Heat Sinks, Computer Drive mechanisms, Memory Drums and Discs, Terminal and lead wires, Chassis, Connectors, Diodes, Transistor Cans, Interlocks, Junction Fittings, PCBs.
Shaft Seals, Sealing Elements,'O' rings, Seals, Wipers etc.

Presentation / Pack Size


Pack Size

Direction to Use







300ml Aerosol Spray

Shake well before use

Keep it in a room temperatures


500ml Aerosol Spray

 After spray wait for  few seconds for best cleaning efficiency

Not to stored near fire



Keep the lid covered when not in use

Not to spray on Red Hot
( heated) components



Clean by Fibre bristle brush




By Swabbing




By immersion or washing




By ultrasonic cleaning







5, 10,20 & 35 Lt., HDPE containors

After use wait for few seconds for best cleaning efficiency ( reaction time).

Keep it in a room temperatures



By fiber bristle brush

Not to store near fire.



By  Swabbing




By immersion or washing




By ultrasonic cleaning


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